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We  specialize in complete liquidation services. Whether you are an executor/heir of an estate, dealing with the death of a loved one, downsizing, moving, merging or dividing households, or closing your business we are able to help you with your specific needs. Our trained, professional and friendly staff understands the emotional challenges in dealing with life changes and we do our best to make the experience stress free for you.

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Step 1

Don’t donate until you meet with us. In most every situation, it pays to liquidate instead of donating. If a donation is needed we will make that donation for you and hand you the receipt for your tax records.

Step 2

One of the most important steps before we come on board is to identify and remove items from the sale that you and/or your immediate family may want to keep. It is important they are removed from the premises ensuring that our inventory matches what we actually will sell for you.

Step 3

The way estate sales operate is very simple.  Clients hire us to sell their personal items for them.  We are paid a percentage of what we sell. We work to get the client the most amount of money we can and at the same time offering it at a reasonable price so our customers will buy and and take it home.


Step 4

It is our job, as the estate liquidator, to come into the home, dig through every nook and cranny, and get everything as cleaned and displayed as the sale will permit.   Then we research the items to establish a fair selling price based on our past sales history and current market trends.  Once this is done, we photograph it and advertise on our website, our private email list,, and various other social media platforms. Our advertising avenues enables Great Finds multiple possibilities at gaining the highest possible return on your investment.

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Karen and her crew at Great finds Estate Sales were fantastic! We were fortunate to get a recommendation for their service. Karen Communicated well, kept us informed, and executed a great sale. What we considered a burden was made quite simple. It was so nice to have a company do what they promised while delivering great results. I highly recommend Great Finds Estate Sales.

Great finds Estate Sales

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